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What does excluding a drive from a share do?

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I have a bad hard drive that I am in the process of removing from my system.  One of the parts of this process appears to be excluding the drive from shares while I move my files to other drives.


  1. When I exclude a drive from a share does that mean that I can no longer see files on that drive that are in the share?
  2. Or does it just mean that new files written to the share will not go to that drive?
  3. Or does it mean something else?

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9 minutes ago, wayner said:

Or does it just mean that new files written to the share will not go to that drive? 


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Just to make sure there isn't some misunderstanding.


How do you know the disk is bad?

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Posted (edited)

I have been getting errors like this:


Event: unRAID Disk 1 SMART health [197]
Subject: Warning [HOYLAKE] - current pending sector is 31
Description: WDC_WD20EARS-00MVWB0_WD-WMAZ20252369 (sdf)
Importance: warning


And this:

Event: unRAID array errors
Subject: Warning [HOYLAKE] - array has errors
Description: Array has 1 disk with read errors
Importance: warning
Disk 1 - WDC_WD20EARS-00MVWB0_WD-WMAZ20252369 (sdf) (errors 58)


And a daily status report like this:

Event: unRAID Status
Subject: Notice [HOYLAKE] - array health report [FAIL]
Description: Array has 6 disks (including parity & cache)
Importance: warning

Parity - ST4000DM000-2AE166_WDH0ZAL0 (sde) - active 32 C [OK]
Disk 1 - WDC_WD20EARS-00MVWB0_WD-WMAZ20252369 (sdf) - active 33 C (disk has read errors) [NOK]
Disk 2 - ST4000DM000-1F2168_Z303256P (sdd) - active 34 C [OK]
Disk 3 - WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WCC4NHZDPANY (sdg) - active 29 C [OK]
Disk 4 - ST4000DM004-2CV104_ZFN15ZEA (sdb) - active 28 C [OK]
Cache - ST240HM000_Z4N0013X (sdc) - active 32 C [OK]


Wouldn't this indicate that disk 1 is bad? 


It is only a 2TB drive and I need more space so I am clearing it and moving the data to a 4TB drive that I recently installed.  

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Yes I would remove that disk. Just wanted to make sure you weren't trying to remove a good but disabled disk.

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FYI - I haven't run a full Smartdisk test on this drive but the errors have gone away.  Perhaps that is because I have deleted almost all of the data on the drive.  I have excluded the drive from my Shares, but should I keep the drive around for now, or should I just get rid of it as it can no longer be trusted?

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