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New Router Can't Access Nextcloud WebGUI

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Hi Everyone, I'm having an odd problem I can't figure out. I'm following Spaceinvaderone's guide to installing Nextcloud and letsencrypt/reverse proxy to connect remotely.


I set up the Nextcloud and Mariadb dockers and everything worked fine. But I had to get a new router because my old one wouldn't port forward properly to allow Letsencrypt to generate a certificate. After setting up the new router and getting Letsencrypt to work I can no longer access the Nextcloud WebGUI. The static IPs assigned in the router are the same as before. My other dockers and VMs seem to work fine.


When I right click the Nextcloud docker and click WebGUI or when I type in the IP and port manually ( I get 'This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP Error 500' 


Anyone know what could be causing it and how to fix it? 



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