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Organizing Data, Drives & Shares Advice

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New to UnRaid, and excited to be almost done with my setup: 6 Core x58 Xeon; 16GB ECC RAM; 6TB parity + 2x 6TB + 3x 2TB; 10GBe Mellanox Connect X-2 over DAC


System will be used strictly for storage & back up (no docker, no vm usage): Work files & Documents (~100GB), Movies (will grow), Win/Mac/VMs System Backups (~2-3TB).


As I'm new to drive pooling, my first instinct is to use drive specific shares restricting media on one set of drives, work stuff on others, etc. but I have a slight hunch this may be less flexible and problematic down the road. Or is it better to just let UnRaid distribute files between drives as it wishes?


Looking for advice / recommendations, I'm sure I'm not the first one to have this dilemma so please feel free to share your experiences. Thanks!

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With shares you can pick specific drives to which files are going to be placed on and later you can simply change your share settings to include other drives if you decide you want to spread the files more or simply need more space. 


This might help or might even confuse you some, but this was helpful for me in setting up my Allocation Methods across drives.



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