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Wrong NFS export after upgrading

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Hello all,


Long time pro user, first time I've had an issue. I recently upgraded from 6.5.2 to 6.6.7. Everything seems to have gone well, but when mounting 1 of my 6 shares, I get the wrong mapping. Below is my fstab. If I disable NFS on my Media share, I'll get an access denied, as expected. If I manually mount Media, I get no error, but it maps to /mnt/user/Home. I've tried securing and disabling security, disabling export and re-enabling, nothing works. The fun part is if I map the SMB or browse the web GUI, I can see all the data. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


#CAS07   /mnt/cas07/Home   nfs    auto  0  0   /mnt/cas07/Backups   nfs    auto  0  0   /mnt/cas07/Media   nfs    auto  0  0   /mnt/cas07/Shared   nfs    auto  0  0   /mnt/cas07/Software   nfs    auto  0  0   /mnt/cas07/Temp   nfs    auto  0  0



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New share seem to work fine. If I had to, I suppose I could shuffle 14TB around...

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