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Windows 10 VM not working with graphics card

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Hi all,


I run unraid 6.5.3 and i'm having some problems with my Windows 10 VM. It works fine when i have it on VNC mode, but as soon as i put it over to the graphics card so it can output to the tv, it doesn't output anything. I've tried everything i can think of, even changing graphics cards.


I hope you can help,



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It would help to know:


1. Do you have more than one GPU in your system

2. What model GPU


If you have only one GPU then you will need to dump the bios in order to pass it through. Spaceinvader has done an excellent video on this

If you have more than one GPU, then passing through AMD cards may cause issues. Certainly I have not been able to pass through a RX480 consistently. Worked just fine with Nvidia cards

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