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Unable to flash HP H220 (SAS9205-8i) to P20 IT Firmware

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Dear all,


I'm trying to flash a HP H220 (SAS9205-8i with the LSI 2308) using the P20 IT Firmware from Supermicro.

Whenever I execute the sas2flash.efi utility, I get "Adapter Selected is a LSI SAS: SAS2308_2(D1). Controller is not operational. A firmware download is required. Enter firmware file name or quit to exit:".

I can enter the firmware file name (2308T207.ROM) or use sas2flash.efi -f 2308T207.ROM, but in the end, after downloading the firmware it says "Resetting Adapter ..." and after some minutes it says "Adapter Reset Failed.".
I also tried to use -noreset - in this case, the command above executes successfully but after resetting the system manually, it's the same situation.

I tried this using the Integrated EFI Shell on a Supermicro X11SAE-F motherboard as well as on a ASUS P8Z77-M PRO with a USB Stick with the EFI Shell (Shellx64.efi v1.1.2), same result. Unfortunately I cannot use the DOS method (FreeDOS) on both mainboards (PAL error).

I also tried different PCIe slots, same result.

I also tried different sas2flash.efi (e.g. P15 from Broadcom).

I also tried to flash it back using the most recent HPE H220 firmware (H220_it.fw, mptsas2.rom) from the HPE website. Same situation.


I also tried to use sas2flash.exe on Windows (also from the HPE package) on Win10 as well as sas2flash on Linux (Ubuntu) (also from the HPE package).

In Windows I see the adapter as (if I remember correclty) LSI S2308 Magnum Adapter, on Linux I see the adapter as well with lspci / lshw.

But in both cases I cannot even try to flash it (No LSI adapter found).


I am slowly running out of hope. Is there any jumper I need to set or something like that?

Any help is very appreciated!


Kind regards,


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