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FCP - Unable to write to cache - Drive mounted read-only or completely full.

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So I'm getting this error today and I've checked everything I can possibly think of, and can't for the life of me figure out where it's coming to this conclusion that there's something wrong with my Cache. All 3 drives are reporting healthy in SMART (has nothing really to do with Filesystems, but worth it to know), the drives are mounted, I'm able to copy to/from and edit files that are on the cache, etc.

However, I do know something somewhere is wrong because my Docker's are failing randomly with I/O errors. Radarr has been notable: "message": "disk I/O error\ndisk I/O error", Deluge is showing files as downloading though they've done been downloaded already which is weird (manual torrents, so it's not radarr/sonarr related), etc. Alot of weird things that I can only imagine are coming from the cache.

Another article i saw with a similar case referenced to go to the wiki on checking filesystems via the webgui. The link itself failed, but I was able to find the relevant wiki and this is what I get:

"If the file system is BTRFS, then make sure the array is started, and NOT in Maintenance mode."
However the cache page says:
" Check is only available when array is Started in Maintenance mode."
so I'm at a loss with that. I haven't tried filesystem checks on the other guys yet though because I haven't put the array in maintenance yet.




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well I'm dense, literally the next paragraph had the explanation for the cache (brtfs) was to use scrub. No errors detected.

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You need to balance the pool to redistribute the data, only one device has free space, and since the pool is raid1 it's the same as being full.

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