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Supermicro SCU ports

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Have been running a supermicro dual xeon based unraid server since about a year with zero issue's but as of recent better syslog parsing (using splunk) these messages start to worry me, although they have never led to errors at all (zero issues also on weekly parity checks)

I have identical 6GB SATA drives spread out over the onboard SATA connectors and the SCU connectors as ran out of SATA. Never a single error on the drive array over all this time, but all drives on the SCO spit out these errors every 15 minutes or so :

kernel: sas: Enter sas_scsi_recover_host busy: 1 failed: 1
kernel: sas: ata7: end_device-2:0: cmd error handler
kernel: sas: ata7: end_device-2:0: dev error handler

kernel: sas: --- Exit sas_scsi_recover_host: busy: 0 failed: 1 tries: 1


The busy , failed and or tries numbers never change , its always as above

It is not drive specific just any drive on any of the scu ports .

Should i be worried or can these be safely ignored as some sort of failed pings ?


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Those errors are usually harmless, but usually also not so frequent, still would ignore for now if everything is working normally.

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Tnx. Thats what i suspected . Will keep an eye on the logging  going forward to see if this behavior remains as what it is. 

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