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(SOLVED) Changing folder icons in SMB share

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Hi all,


Recently, I moved from Windows 10 to unRAID for the storage server. I used to change the folder icons of my movies and TV shows  with different colors to mark them as: Watched, To be watched next, not completed.


After moving my data to unRAID, the icons didn't work as expected. I did a quick research and found that Linux doesn't treat the "Read Only" files same as Windows, so the "desktop.ini" and ".ico" files don't work.


Is there any work around or a solution for this issue? any suggestions?


Thank you :)




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Posted (edited)
On 3/19/2019 at 6:06 AM, Dataone said:



Perhaps something alone the lines of this?

Thank you.


For reference, this has been resolved by adding the below line:

store dos attributes = yes


Settings -> SMB -> SMB Extras -> Samba extra configuration

Keep it at the first line


Then reboot unRaid or restart samba using the below commands:

samba restart

smbd restart



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