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Can't connect to GUI

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If you disable ssl/https from a device which can connect (or the server) does it load?

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13 minutes ago, Jobine said:


That's the subnet mask, which restricts which subnets are directly reachable without routing. The question that still needs to be answered is are the first 3 parts of the IP identical between the two systems? I.E. 192.168.2.XXX can't talk to 192.168.0.XXX

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I have an HH3000 ( with Bell, where is connected my Asus RT-AC3100 ( an receive a external IP address from it.

My asus router connects to PPPoE to internet.

My server IP address is

My MAC is


When I reboot my server, all works. 

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Sometime it ask the username/password

but I got a 

504 Gateway Time-out


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Does this happen if you change the HH3000 to the same subnet? Also, what's your gateway for the server/mac? The extender (sending traffic back to router), or the Asus router?

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The problem is that the HH3000 is the modem of my ISP. I can't change the IP address.


but even without internet, my computer ( should see the server (


When I restart the server everything works, but for how long?

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