How to setup NIC Bonding

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I've been taking a look at the unRAID wiki and doesn't explain too much about how to create a bonding, only how the different modes works. I've followed steps on Settings > Network Settings (check image attached) but I'm unsure if this is the correct setup. As you can see have I have "bond0" for eth0 and "bond1" for eth1.


I'm unable to select eth0 and eth1 inside the option "Bonding members of bond0" for example (of course tried this with array stopped). My thinking was that you would have a "bond0" interface and inside of this you would get all the interfaces you wanted to be bonded, eth0 and eth1 in my case.


Do I have this setup correctly? Or this is plain wrong?



Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 23.16.17.png

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