Corsair Modular Sata Cable


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I have a Corsair AX760 and I have an open slot on the Modular PSU. Basically I would like to purchase a 6Pin to Sata Cable that supports a few Drives. I believe my Current setup plugs into the PSU with 2 cables and gives me 5 or 6 Sata connections per cable. I have two cables connected and have room for another cable. I'm just having issues finding a good quality cable that doesn't look cheap or have bad reviews. Also I'd like some insurance just incase one of my already installed cables ever fails. 


Does anybody have a source or has done this before? I have an available slot on my PSU and I'd like to get 3 or 4 more drives connected. I have a 12Bay setup, 10 Satas on my MotherBoard and a LSI 9207-8i fresh out of the Box flashed in IT mode. 


I'm thinking I'll do some Cable swapping around and make sure my SSD's are on the MotherBoard and relocate a couple of my drives to the LSI and leave myself a couple of spots so I can have some future Expansion either in the array or simply to use Unassigned Devices. 

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