(Solved) I have broken network access to containers

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I have been investigating an issue I have recently started to have. but I'm getting nowhere with it. 

I'll do my best to describe it with examples.

(I'm pretty sure I broke something somehow as it was working previously)


for the sake of showing off the issue, I have two firewall port settings set up for airsonic

settingA UnraidServer 80 4040

settingB UnraidServer 4040 4040


Basically shifting incoming port 80 to 4040 on unraid box

and the same with 4040.


if I access my machine remotely using:

www.somewebaddress.com:4040/airsonic/login     This works.

www.somewebaddress.com/airsonic/login              This does not work. 


However, if I instead change the firewall to point at unraid gui

settingA UnraidServer 80 80


then www.somewebaddress.com will show me my unraid Gui. 


So, I think somehow I've broken unraid's ability to pass on requests to containers. (Routing? I'm not sure on the terminology!)

This isn't specifically related to airsonic, it is affecting all of my containers. 


Any help anyone could give would be gratefully received.


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Solved issue
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