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Reliable, best USB drive for unRAID

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Greetings to all the long time users of unRAID.

I think there is no such thing as unRAID certifed USB drives for unRAID, like windows certified USB drives for windows To GO.

I looked into the wiki-pages, It just says buy a good USB drive more than 1GB.

can you guys please suggest what size and what brand will be a good match for unRAID. (what have you been using ?)

Does buying bigger size USB drives make any increase in performance, like using 256GB instead 8GB or 4GB.




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The drive has to 32GB or less.  There  is no real reason to be concerned about what particular drive might be the absolute best.  Any name brand drive (preferably USB2 as there are occasional compatibility problems with USB3 drives) will work fine.  Don't worry about speed as the drive is basically used only during the boot process.  (This is the reason why most Unraid flash drives will last for years.)  Even if the drive should fail, LimeTech makes changing to a new drive a virtually automatic process.  See Here:




You should always  have a backup copy of your flash drive.  You can do that by    Main   >>>    Boot Device  (click on 'Flash')    >>>     Flash Device Settings  (Click on 'FLASH BACKUP').    Having a current backup  can have you up and running from the unlikely event of of a flash drive failure in a few minutes.  

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