Upgrading Hardware to 1950x Threadripper

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I currently run an older 8 core AMD and I'm upgrading to (New to me) 1950X ryzen threadripper. Do I need to make any changes to my unraid configurations at this point? I have seen in the past there are changes that were needed for Ryzen cpu's and I'm wondering if the latest stable unraid fixes the need for these so the Ryzens are compatible without playing with it.

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I'm about to do the same actually.  Going from a Ryzen 1800x to a Threadripper 1950x.  Both on Asus boards and expect it will basically be a boot and go thing being linux.  I don't think the kernel saves specific parameters to the USB key for your motherboard / CPU, but that would be where it might go unstuck.  Of course there are difference controllers for SATA to contend with and different hardware addresses, which while these should be auto detected, may require a config rejig.  Did you do it already?  How did it go?

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Well I did mine now.  Basically just boot up and go with exception of CPU pinning and having to change a BIOS setting for the GPU passthrough.  It certainly has a noisy water cooler with it though - (H80i v2).  Am looking at whether to replace the fans or the whole thing - tempted to just do the fans if I can get some super quiet ones - damn thing is driving everyone in the house mad!  I feel like going for a Noctua NH-U14S, there is something safe feeling about metal coolers being affixed to the CPU - I used to run them fanless even.  


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