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Hey guys,


I wrote a very simple utility in Go (compiled binary) that is super fast, and, for now, renames Movie directories. I made it for myself, as sometimes, I am not trying to do super surgery on directory names, but rather simple things which can be scripted to a large degree. It's not meant to be a fileBot replacement, but a mere side project that arose out of need.


So if you have something like:


"This is a Movie 2018 1080p"

It will rename it to "This is a Movie (2018)". 


It runs in dry mode by default, and see if the output looks OK. If it does, then you add a flag: -dryrun=false to actually execute it.


I can provide a link to it, if anyone is interested. But I will probably be working on it to make it smarter, like querying MovieDB APIs, doing a second pass to rename the file inside the directory to the same naming convention, etc... For now, it's simple, and dead easy to run.



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20 hours ago, unrateable said:

I ´d use a simple script like that for exactly your example.

It may evolve into something more useful with a web UI. A kind of combination of... I won't jinx it yet. If anyone has any ideas, please PM me.

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