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Hey guys,


I wrote a very simple utility in Go (compiled binary) that is super fast, and, for now, renames Movie directories. I made it for myself, as sometimes, I am not trying to do super surgery on directory names, but rather simple things which can be scripted to a large degree. It's not meant to be a fileBot replacement, but a mere side project that arose out of need.


So if you have something like:


"This is a Movie 2018 1080p"

It will rename it to "This is a Movie (2018)". 


It runs in dry mode by default, and see if the output looks OK. If it does, then you add a flag: -dryrun=false to actually execute it.


I can provide a link to it, if anyone is interested. But I will probably be working on it to make it smarter, like querying MovieDB APIs, doing a second pass to rename the file inside the directory to the same naming convention, etc... For now, it's simple, and dead easy to run.



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20 hours ago, unrateable said:

I ´d use a simple script like that for exactly your example.

It may evolve into something more useful with a web UI. A kind of combination of... I won't jinx it yet. If anyone has any ideas, please PM me.

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Is this still active?


I was watching one of SpaceInvaders's videos and he was using an app called File2Folder which no longer exist. This script would be great. I would love to rename all my folders to the movie that is inside them. I used FileBot to rename all my movies to "Movie (YEAR).aaa". Making the folders match would make my radarr and plex so much happier. 

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It's active in that only I use it, it's not fancy etc. Other than yourself, I didn't get any interest in developing it for more than what I needed it to do. It is super fast, and very portable. 


The way it works is that it grabs a list of current directories. Tried to sanitize the directory names as best as it can, and then queries a movie db online (via an API). And renames just the directory to "Movie Name (Year)". 


If you're still interested I can clean it up a little, and include some instructions. It's written in Go; I'm not making the code open source at this time.

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9 hours ago, Hill1023 said:

I would use that too.

You can grab it here, in source form. If you need a compiled binary. I haven't supplied one as there has been next to no interest in this (other than for my own purposes)... PM me if you aren't able to compile it




Please read the instructions on GitHub on how to get and use the API.


I'll be interested in feedback. 

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I was reading how to install the API but how do you install it in unraid..  as I used to installing dockers or plugins through the gui

and how well is it working now  any gui interface yet too?

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No GUI. It’s rather crude at this point. It works for me and I haven’t had any interest from others. 

it’s not installed via Docker. For now there should be instrctuions in the repo. You basically have to copy it to the server and invoke it in the movies directory. You have to pass it params to actually make changes as without it does a dry run. 

HTH. Let me know if any questions. PMing me would be faster. 

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