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Hi  to all,


i tried to start this container, unraid docker tab  says its startet. There is no web gui ond no console working.  I opened the log file is says at the end "sending all processes the KILL signal and exiting." ( other dockers are running duplicati, krusader etc)


I also "touched" the piaware.conf in the "piaware.conf" directory as there was a additional errormessage about the missing config file (including chown and chmod).  TIn the logfile is a  "Rafael Micro R820T tuner"  in piaware section  which is not what i use but i dont know where to edit. I did the passtrouh with lsusb  an RTL2832U DVB-T original piaware stick, i did also the linking to the device path and passing to the container  in the template. My device seems to be recognizet by the flightradar sw in the container but not the piaware sw.


Strange to me, sorry i am  not a expert just an interested user which tries to learn things with unraid, linux, docker....


Piaware and stick are working fine with  an original pi.


Thanks for any advise.

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Something about this docker is broken. OP/creator needs to investigate. It creates folders instead of files, does not populate those files as necessary, and I think is even missing files.
I have got it partially working by removing the config folders and replacing them with config files, and finding default config file information and placing that inside. It will now stay running but the webgui doesn't work. I think it is missing a file needed.

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Posted (edited)

@gloworm @PanRider

Add container extra options 

--device="/dev/bus/usb/001/004:/dev/bus/usb/001/004" -e "SERVICE_ENABLE_PIAWARE=false" -e "HTML_SITE_LAT=xxx"  -e "HTML_SITE_LON=xxxx" -e "HTML_SITE_NAME=xxx" -e "HTML_DEFAULT_TRACKER=Flightradar24" -e "HTML_FR24_FEEDER_STATUS_PAGE=" -e "FR24FEED_FR24KEY=xxxxx"


This container does not use config files anymore by long time ago now...

And voilaa, everything works.

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