100% CPU and Memory

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Hi team,


Hoping to get some assistance with my server.
My server will hit 100% cpu and memory usage when there is no user activity. This usual requires a reboot to sort out, unless it has happened when I have not been home and self healed.
Attached is a diagnostics and I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and or path of trouble shooting.





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Using the built-in terminal (or PuTTY), run  htop   and post up a screenshot of what is on the screen when the CPU hits 100%.


Also, what are the contents of all the e-mails about that are being sent about once an hour?   (If you are wondering what I am talking about, look near the end of the syslog in the Diagnostics file.) 

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for memory i can just give oyu one advice which make my live so much easier:


Install CA auto backup and let it restart your dockers every day. Many of these dockers have "memory leaks?" so this had saved me a lot of headache.

If ram is full, cpu might increase. So maybe thats all you need to do.

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