Remove Physical Disk from Array but keep Data

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I have just completed adding 4 8GB drives to my array and would like to remove 3 of the old 4TB drives out of the array without losing the data that is said 4TB drives.  Is there a way to do this?  I have read the page but it doesn't sounds like it will copy all of the data off of 1 drive to another drive and then allow me to remove that drive.


The 4 new 8GB drives did replace 4 other 4TB drives which I replaced as upgrades.  I simply want to reduce to overall number of drives now and now have all this free space in the array that the new drives provided.


Thanks in advance!


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It can be unorthodox but the way I did it was using unbalance. Copying or moving the data to the drive I wanted and then removing the drives.

I used the set new configuration feature under tools and it work perfectly. Yes, I had to run the parity again.

I went from 3x1TB drives including parity to 2x4TB drives.

1.Added the new 4TB for parity. Let it sync
2.then I added the extra 4TB drive and copied data over from the other 1TB
3.removed drives and used the new configuration tool

I really didn't mind doing a parity sync couple times. Maybe someone here can give you an easier solution or quicker one.

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