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I used to run lancache-bundle 2 years ago, without much configuration.


Now I wanted to reinstall it on Unraid v6.10.3 and I am not getting it to work after one week.


I wonder if lancache-bundle is still supported under 6.10.3? Any idea what I could do to troubleshoot?


Thanks for your support!

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@Raki72  im having similar issues

but been having issues   i think i configured right but i not 100% sure  i dont like the documentation on the unraid template page could be better explained


i have mine set up as 




and the lancache and dns bind ip     to

and i set the 

dns upstream to   


i find it flaky and the discord help wasnt much help either  so its hit and miss


as i wanted 2 cache servers..  or  VPN users and non VPN users   to access same server but seems to be a very much headache to access one and seems very slow  to use..  as downloading stops and starts but if u were to not use a lancache server then the downloading is non stop say with epic...   but its hard to talk to the programmer and discord hasnt helped much...



so if you bypass lancache   i can download at 400-500k  speed    if i use the lancaceh its down to under 200... fluxuates under in the 50 -100k i have a 5mbps   you probably dont notice with people with better internet then mine..  but thats what i noticing

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I'm wondering if anyone has gotten the lancache to work with origin.

It works for steam just fine, but I get the following error from origin (I disabled the safe download thing): 

The download server is not responding. Please give it a few moments and try again. If the problem persists, please contact Origin Help.



EDIT: I had my upstream DNS set to my pihole which has the DNS records pointing to the lancache IP... obviously that didnt work... but I'm not sure how steam was working with that then.

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Hi !

I have some trouble to install Lancache-Bundle 

He correctly start , no probem with nginx, i've assigned him a dedicated adress on my local adress, i can ping it 

But when i want to add this adress to my DNS on my computer i cant access internet or download Steam game to add them to cache folder



The logs doesn't say anything (like litterally after nginx config, i just got nothing ... ) 

If someone can help me ... :D

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I'm having difficulty aswell.


Everything works as expected but somehow it seems  lancache broke after an update of unraid


edit: Some extra info


- i have verified that all data in flowing through lancache. I did this by using autofiller and started downloading. When pausing the lancache docker it stops downloading. So i'm sure lancache is working.

- i deleted the docker and reinstalled it. I removed the "cache" folder in my downloads directory. after reinstalling the docker the cache folder is made, so the docker does have the correct permissions.


It seems everything is working, except the part where lancache actually fills the cache.

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@Josh.5 I am still having this issue. It seems to cache some things and not others. Steam will not cache at all anymore and hasn't since Unraid 6.9 or so. What it does cache is often very slow. My cache is located on an array of 3 Sata SSDs in raid 0 if that matters. In the meantime I may look for other options as this container has really helped my data usage in the past. <3


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I think it may be time to retire this lancache-bundle template. I have not been using it since I got access to fibre internet (which downloads games faster than pulling them back off the array). And the official monolithic docker image from lancache has come a long way since I created this bundle to combine everything into an AIO.
While I really appreciate the $12 donation I received this year for maintaining the lancache-bundle docker image and this template, I probably will have to hang up my hat on it this month.

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Thank you for everything you have done so far this this.  Before you hang up your hat for good, would you be able to provide a guide on how to get that monolith docker image from lancache you were talking about working on unraid so we have a good replacement to use when you're gone?  I tried setting it up myself once by creating a Linux VM but had no idea what I was doing.  So any help you can provide would be much appreciated.  Thank you.



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