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Solution known, design unknown

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What I'm looking for is advice as to how I want my setup to work:


Harware available:

1x128Gb SSD

1x256Gb SSD

1x2Tb ( 7200 RPM )

1x3Tb ( 7200 RPM )

1x4Tb ( 5400 RPM )

5x8Tb ( 4xSeagate Archive drives, 1x 8Tb )

1xRyzen 1700x, 16Gb RAM, nVidia 970GTX


What I want to do:

Windows gaming, office and other windows only apps. ( ideally the windows desktop would be the interface I use to manage it )

Download and seed huge quantities of torrents over VPN

Run Plex (not over VPN ) / Sonarr / Jackett, Ombi is a plus.


How would I go about making the best of my hardware to meet my goals.

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How much of that storage capacity do you actually need now? I would recommend just using the larger spinners in the parity array and leave those small ones out, at least for now. Fewer disks means fewer opportunities for problems.


The 2 SSDs won't make a good mirrored cache due to their different sizes. You can use them both in the cache pool but with no redundancy.

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