Cache disk dropped, then added back to array, appdata share now appears empty

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I opened up my web UI to find my cache drive spun down, which is weird because it's an SSD. Then I reboot the server, and then it disappeared completely. Then I reseated the SSD and rebooted, and then I could add the SSD back to the cache array. When SSD was dropped the cache array was disabled, because I only have one drive in the cache.


Now comes the strange part, when open the appdata share (which was set to 'cache only') using SMB it's empty. But my Docker containers still read the config just fine, so nothing is changed except, what I can see on SMB. Anybody know what's going on?

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31 minutes ago, simse said:

my cache drive spun down

That suggest it dropped offline, and possibly because of that filesystem is corrupt, you need to backup any data on cache, re-format and restore the data, also take the opportunity to replace the SSD cables.


Also there are several read errors for disks 1 and 8, you should run an extended SMART test on both.

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The problem is that I can't backup the data, because I can't read it. When I try to 'ls' in the directory, it says I/O error. What do I do?


And yes, disk 1 and 8 is an ongoing investigation. 

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Your docker image is configured to be on disk1, and your appdata is on a lot of different disks in the array, so that might explain why your dockers seem to work.


And your docker image is much larger than it needs to be. After you get things square you should delete and recreate it on cache as 20G.


Your Proton share is cache-no, but it has files on cache. You will have to set it to cache-yes temporarily to get those moved off.


Since your cache is so small, I recommend not caching any user shares except those required for your docker image and appdata.

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