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VM unable to boot and other troubles.

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I have a very weird and oddly specific issue that I can't seem to find on the thread or the unraid subreddit. The issue in particular is with a windows 10 vm but I also have a macos high sierra vm that has the exact same effects if in the same scenario. The vm will randomly freeze up completely and the webgui will state the vm is paused. It won't resume from this state and will take a full destroy and start to get it back and running. Sometimes it will take 5 minutes to freeze and sometime it will take 12 hours. It seems completely random but it will without fail freeze up in a 12 hour time frame. 


I also have a ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1142 USB 3.1 Host Controller | USB controller (02:00.0) (Is the fact that unraid is showing this as a 2:00 card problematic even though it is a 3.1 card? ) that in the past worked flawlessly with the vm passsed through. To my knowledge I did set vfio-pci.ids correctly and the controller is in a separate iommu group. The issue with this card is when it is passed through to the the vm it will hang on tianocore for 2+ minutes and the first core applied to the vm will hit 100% usage (if cores 2-5 are pinned then core 2, if core 3-4 pinned then core 3, etc, etc) then core usage will go back to normal and  finally load into windows without the card showing up. (Windows doesn't detect the card and none of the devices connected are detected). A weird quirk is that if the unraid os is fully rebooted then the card will work fine, until the vm freezes up again which would require another full reboot to get any functionality from the pci card. 


Unraid itself is stable with all dockers, plugins, and apps working fine and has not once crashed or seen abnormally high cpu or ram usage (except for when the vm hangs) the array and the cache have plenty of space and the caches btrfs file system is balanced.


This seems like two separate issues but to my knowledge both problems have appeared at the same time so I believe they are somehow connected. I appreciate the generosity of everyone on this form for extending your guidance and wisdom to me and the others needing help.


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