Server lost internet connection after 6.7 update.

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I have managed to lose all internet access on my Server and I cant seem to figure out how to correct this. My server has ran fine without issues for years until this new update. None of my dockers can access the internet nor can the community applications app. Can someone please assist me with correct this?

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DITTO, the same thing happened to me.  


The common problems plugin notified me of an issue.  The error was "Unable to communicate with" but I have also determined that my Plex server (running as a docker) is not available outside of my network.  Fortunately I have no problem seeing the server or my unraid shares on my local network.


I checked the network settings and discovered that the motherboard ethernet port, which has been disabled for many months in favor of a mellanox 10Gb network card.  I set interface back to PORT DOWN and rebooted.  Unfortunately after rebooting the server still cannot connect outside of my network.



I rolled back the OS to version 6.6.7 and the network connectivity issues are gone.  No settings changes, just the OS version. Definitely looks like a network issue with OS 6.7.0.

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3 minutes ago, gzibell said:

Anyone get a resolution to this?  I am having the same issue when upgrading to 6.7.X.  Have waited for .1 and now .2.  As soon as I upgrade I lose all external access to the net.  Everything on my local network works fine. 




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Me too regards the access to dockers, nothing works anymore on 6.7.2, so I need to reset config file i'm reading?

I have other probs though, system crashing, so will schedule this after regressing back to previous OS version, although i believe this will not be 6.6.7?

Am i able to go back further than 'previous' os, if so, how?

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On 7/20/2019 at 6:44 AM, Squid said:


Hey Squid,


Gave up on this for awhile but worked on it some today.  Not exactly sure what I am looking for but today I updated, downloaded logs.  Issue was still present so I downgraded and then downloaded logs again.  In comparing the two syslogs I notice there was a br0 and a br1 listed. I checked under network settings and saw them both as well. 


I don't think br1 is being used for anything at all.  When I went into docker setting I saw that was listed and the gateway was blank which might explain the no internet part. 


I tried to delete the br1 via the webui, asked for conformation and I confirmed but it did not go away.  I turned off vm and docker and tried again still wouldn't delete. 


Not sure if that is the issue or not but seemed to make sense to me.  If I could figure out how to remove br1 I would update and test again unless there is something else that would explain this in the diagnostics. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated




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Did you try trurl's suggestion, above?

On 5/21/2019 at 1:55 PM, trurl said:

You might try renaming config/network.cfg on flash to something else. This will make it use the default network settings.

Also, if it exists, delete the config/network-rules.cfg file from the flash to reset networking completely.

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1 hour ago, John_M said:

Did you try trurl's suggestion, above?

Also, if it exists, delete the config/network-rules.cfg file from the flash to reset networking completely.

Not I have not, but the files from both versions diagnostics are both identical line for line so I am not sure that would make a difference.  I can give it a try later when I have physical access but don't have high hopes, unless the file changed completely with the new version?  don't have network rules.cfg file

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On 10/17/2019 at 12:10 PM, John_M said:

Did you try trurl's suggestion, above?

Also, if it exists, delete the config/network-rules.cfg file from the flash to reset networking completely.

Alright, so to my surprise this did indeed do the trick.  Not really sure why but after I renamed the file and rebooted I was able to log back in via webui.  Checked I could ping via ip and hostname to the outside world and all was well. When I set it back to a static I lost access to the server via both the ip it was assigned via dhcp and the static I set. Connected monitor and rebooted the tower to see what was up and all came back up normally updated to the latest stable build.  Thanks for all help and suggestions!

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