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PSA: ASUS BIOS update 'broke' unRaid

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Asus B450-f Gaming

Ryzen 2600

GT720 (for unRaid)

GTX950 (for passthrough)


In trying to diagnose a number of errors (namely a 127 error affect one my my PCIe slots), as well as get Primary-GPU passthrough working, I noticed there was a BIOS update for my motherboard that included the new microcode for the 3-series ryzens, etc.  So I updated.


After that, no VMs needing GPUs would boot (127 / D3 error).  Not only did a restart of the server not clear the problem, it never actually restarted.  Watching the shutdown process I noticed it went through everything appropriately but the shutdown signal never actually turned the server off; I had to do the push-and-hold of the power button to actually get it to power off.


After a bunch of messing around that didn't fix the problem I went back to the previous BIOS (2008) and all the problems disappeared.  Luckily Asus' ez-flash allowed 'updating' to an older version.


I suppose there's something between the BIOS and unRaid that isn't playing nice thats causing these problems.  I don't know enough about much of it to offer any other conclusions than that.  



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