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Network, route table question

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Have been using unraid for about a month now, started with version 6.6.7 and now i'm on version 6.7.0.

I have a 4-port network card in my server along with two built in network interfaces on the motherboard so a total of six network interfaces ranging from eth0 to eth5


When I had started running unraid I teamed the four interfaces on my NIC cards to a static LAG (balance xor) and It has a fixed IP address, the two remaining network interfaces are not in a bond and was given fixed IP addresses








Yesterday I looked in my router's traffic management interface and see that alot (maybe all?) of traffic from my unraid server seem to go thru one of the NIC's on the motherboard and not thru my NIC with the bond. I was gived the impression that unraid uses "eth0" for all traffic?


I've looked at the unraid network settings and there's some odd looking route tables there that has been created by unraid., it almost looks like al traffic is routed thru eth5?




Docker config.




I'm quite novice when It comes to linux networking.


I'd like all traffic (docker etc) to go thru the bond and eth4 and eth5 as management interfaces


Hope someone can point me in the right direction, thanks

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