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I'm trying to migrate from OMV to unraid.  So far I've run into a few issues.


The most annoying of which is that the usb only boots correctly in gui mode, and only mounts and does dhcp requests after a local login.


If I log manually into nongui mode, I can manually run dhcpcd against bond0 and get the correct IP from my DHCP, however nothing is mounted, etc... If I boot into GUI mode, and leave it at the login screen and switch to another virtual console, however it still hasn't received an IP or "finished" the normal boot process unless I go back to the gui and login.  Once logged in, all is good.


So, I have to boot to gui mode and I have to login, after that, everything mounts, dhcp gets the correct IP and apache/nginx or whatever starts up and I can connect over the LAN to the web console.


So, how can I get this running headless the way I want?  or is this normal while on the trial?

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