Hiding a directory on my UnRaid server

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Hey guys, great forum.. i did some searching but am still a little confused about user shares/disk shares.  I have 3 disks and a parity disk.  How can i put a keep directory on one of the disks so that my data would be safe but so nobody on the network can browse it?  Every time i put a keep directory in \\tower\disk1 it shows up in the browser as i guess a user share.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Today, on version 4.1  and earlier you cannot hide a directory/user share using the web-interface.  As you discovered, all are created with exactly the same permissions.


From what I understand, the feature you are looking for should be added with the security release expected (hopefully) in version 4.2.


Today, best you could do is hand-edit /etc/samba/smb.shares to delete the unwanted share, or add a "browesable=no" to it so it is hidden, but accessible on the network, and then at the telnet login command line do a

samba stop

followed by

samba start


This will work until you re-scan the shares. (It re-creates the smb.shares and will undo your editing)

Same with a stop/start of the array or reboot of the server... they too will re-create the smb.shares file and undo your editing.

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thanks for the response. would it be too much to ask to go into a little more detail on how to edit that file and can it be done from my machine or just from the server?  also, now that i have you here, i want to thank you for all your well written replies to everyone, i have learned more from your posts than anyone's.


thanks again,


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