Cloud Backup Recommendations with Solid Restore Capability

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Hi All,


I have about ~600 GB of personal data, which I've backed up locally in at least 3-4 hard drives/USB drives including an UNRAID server. I'm looking for ways to back all this data in the cloud from my windows 10 box (I might also backup the unraid server to the cloud) using either packaged solutions like Backblaze personal backup (software + storage) or creating my own setup like ArqBackup + picking my storage provider (BB B2, Wasabi, etc). I'm still in the process of researching various solutions to understand the pros and cons, but to me, the ability to restore the data in the event of emergency ranks high. My thinking is: while it's possible that I'd need to restore a few select files, my primary reason for cloud backup is when *all* my data is destroyed, and the cloud backup is all I have left. In this worst-case scenario, I'd like the peace of mind that my data is find and restorable without major pain. And for the right software, I don't mind spending the right $$$ too.


So, I was wondering if you could recommend cloud backup solutions that have great reputation for restoring ability. Also, several posts mention that even with such great software, you'd need testing restoring as often as possible to ensure that the data is fine. Any tips on that is fine too.


I've been reading up on several existing solutions, and I always see some negative experience or the other with each of the major players. The list below is not exhaustive, or even may be inaccurate - just based on my random sampling of forum comments:


- Was considering iDrive, because I can seed my initial upload with a physical drive. But several folks warn that it's not easy to get out of contract or cancel the account amidst other issues.

- Backblaze personal seems very good with unlimited backup, but I believe they have restrictions like only ~500GB zip downloads allowed during restore, and several folks complain that the restore process could be painful due to manual work involved. But, their physical drive shipping for recovery seems good, especially because I only ~600GB of data with some growth for pictures and videos. So, it'll be a while before I hit their 8 TB drive limit ($189 refundable deposit if I return the drive).

- ArqBackup - I read great things about Arq, but there were threads complaining that Arq "validation" process (checking if the correct data was uploaded) is sometimes too slow etc.

- Duplicati - several folks complain about the stability while backing up large amounts of data etc..

- CloudBerry - I read there were failures during restoration with CloudBerry too..


I read great things about Veeam backup solutions, but it wasn't clear to me if Veeam can combined with a cloud storage provider like B2 or Wasabi for personal/home use. I also read good things about duplicacy, but have folks used it for large restores without pain?


Again, all of the above may not be accurate, this is my perception after my initial sampling of comments. So, at the end of day, if folks can recommend solutions based on their restoration experience being painless, that would be wonderful.


Thanks in advance!

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9 hours ago, sibi78 said:

Was wondering if you have tried to restore the data from them, and if yes, how was the experience? Thanks!

Up to 250M you can restore via the web interface, else you must restore from the app. For fun'n giggles, I blew up a 4GB folder and took ~4 minutes to download and restore over a 100M line

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