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Unraid suddenly unresponsive every 3-6wks

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I have an server that has been running well with the exception that randomly every few weeks I have to hard reset because it is entirely unresponsive. I have no clue where to start with this problem. It's more than losing network, the server locks up locally so I can't even log in to the local gui to try and diagnose the problem. Attached are the diagnostics.


I did have to replace the usb drive a couple months ago.


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You could update to 6.7.0 as there is a new troubleshooting tool in that version.  It is found on the Settings page under the Syslog Server icon.  Use the 'Help' feature to get more information on the settings.   


It is most likely a hardware issue.   One would expect that a misconfigured application would not take that long to cause a problem.  One suspect would be the PS.  You might have one in your spare parts or could borrow one from a friend.  Something to keep in the back of your mind as you look at other possible causes.

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Thanks for letting me know about that new feature.


The server has dual redundant power supplies. I would hope both aren't part of the problem.

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