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Hello All,  This post is sort of a troubleshooting thing, and sort of a software suggestion thing.


I'm wondering how other unraid users handle mass file copies from their Windows workstation, to their unraid servers.  My use case is simple, I'll download torrents and other files to various directories on my Windows workstation, and then weekly or so copy\move them to unraid.  I'm not looking for something automated, because maybe I don't want to move everything to unraid, maybe I want to delete  it, or keep it on my windows machine for a little while longer and then delete it, before moving it to what I consider to be the more permanent storage of my unraid server.  


For years I've used Teracopy 2.3 for this function, and I was very happy with it.  Fast and stable.  Recently it has started randomly locking up.  The behavior may have coincided with an unraid upgrade, but I couldn't swear to that.  


So then I upgraded to the most recent version of Teracopy and that wouldn't work at all, kind of bizarre.  It opens, just won't move anything.  Completely uninstalling Teracopy, windows default file copy mechanism was reinstated, and it works just as it always did, no odd lockups, just no intelligence.


There are alternative applications that provide this type of functionality.  For example, I downloaded supercopier, but it did the same thing the newer version of teracopy did, which was wouldn't move any files.  


For comparison sake, I reinstalled the old version of teracopy and it's behavior was same as it had been, it worked, but would just stop copying files randomly.  

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