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Hardware Setup - Freenas to Unraid

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I'm not an IT guy but I have some basic knowledge about it and I like to try test and learn about (even if i don't have much time to spend on it).


My actual setup :

- 1x Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole with Rasbian

- 1x old laptop Gigabyte P34gv2 with 500GB SSD, intel i7, Nvidia GTX860M running Plex with FreeNAS (since 5 months)

- 12x 2TB External drive from Sony (HD-E2)

- 1x Custom Desktop Computer with : 3TB SSD,  2TB internal drive, intel i7, AMD RX480 Sapphire

- 1x Chromebook Asus C302

- Download 167 Mbps / Upload 250 Mbps


I would like to expand my self-hosting and I don't have enough time to spend on FreeNAS only Plex was easy to setup, I started to struggle when wanted to add Nextcloud and other stuff like riot.im/matrix. I read that Unriad it easier to use. Do you agree ? (I will try but I'm gathering information before)


I also have 300€ coupon on amazon to start a complementary server to my laptop and buy some part. Do you have some advises ? I think I'm gonna use a Tower and not a Rack but I'm still not sure.


My goal is to have up to 5x stream on Plex, install multiple self hosting stuff, get an efficient remote desktop access on my laptop and potentially make my desktop usable by two people at the same time.


Based on this :

- Does Unraid fit my needs ?

- How should I start a 2nd server ?

- Can 2 server help each other in term of power or should I host different thing in each on of them ?

- If you know additional documentation/information please share !


Thank you,



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