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Lost USB Install

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Just moved and after getting settled in, I go to set up my server and alas no USB drive to be found.  I do have a backup of the thumb drive, but I do not recall my login credentials.  Do I have options?

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If you delete the 'passwd' and 'shadow' files from the config folder on the flash drive then you will be able to log in using the user 'root' without a password.   Make sure you then go to the Users tab to set a new password for root.   You will also need to set up again any other additional users you had previously added.


Since you are using a new USB stick and your current Unraid licence is tied to the GUID of the old one then when you next login to Unraid you will be taken to the web page for an automated licence transfer to the new USB stick (which then blacklists the old one).   You are allowed one automated transfer a year so if you have already used this then an email to Limetech is required requesting a manual transfer explaining why you need it.


When you are back up and running then a new backup of the flash drive is recommended by clicking on it on the Main tab and selecting the backup option.  This is recommended any time you make a significant configuration change to your system for just such situations as you currently face.

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