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3x4TB Array

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I have 2x4TB WD RED, 1x4TB Seagate Barracuda 4TB and one SSD 500GB. I installed unRAID and put two parity drives and started, but then I wanted to change the parity drive to one drive I couldn't "Parity invalided". I'm not sure what drives to put for parity and what drives I should put in normal storage.

I Would Appreciate any Help.






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Tools->New Config

Will do it for you. But first note all your disks, their serials and where you want them to go. This will allow you to put anything anywhere, so be careful.

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 The following sequence will work:

  • Stop the array
  • Unassign parity2
  • Start the array.  This step is necessary to get Unraid to 'forget' the current parity2 assignment
  • Stop the array
  • Assign the old parity2 disk as a data disk
  • start the array

The above is a generalized solution that keeps parity1 valid (and thus the array protected) throughout..   in this case probably a faster solution is the New Config route but it invalidate all parity so parity has to be rebuilt before the array is protected again.

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