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help with mover

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I tried looking up in the wiki about the 'mover' command but did not find what I was looking for: where is the log file? what verbosity is it set to?


problem: I want to know if mover worked because it seems like it did not. (did not move files from my cache pool into my array.) maybe I have the incorrect settings?


3 days ago I created a new user share and set the 'use cache disk' setting to 'prefer'

I copied 500 GB of data off my usb drive to the share. I watched the cache pool fill up.

I read that mover executs at 340a, so I figured I'd check on it in a couple days.

Today I browse to the "shares" tab, check the location of this share and it still says "cache"

Next, I check the system log, and use 'ctrl-F' to search the word 'mover' where I do see the lines where it executes which it has done faithfully ever night. But basically, it says 'mover: started' and next line is 'mover: finished' one second later.  Seems like it hasn't done anything in 3 days even though it's being triggered?

Just for kicks, I tried to manually execute mover ... and same result. starts and finishes in 1 sec.


Have I configured something incorrectly?

I am on Version 6.7.0




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A setting of Use Cache=“Prefer” means move files (if any exist) from Array to Cache when mover runs so you are getting expected behavior.   If you want mover to move files from cache to array you need Use Cache=“Yes”.  This is described in the GUI built-in Help.   The other two settings of “Only” and “No” cause mover to take no action and only apply to where New files get placed.


Mover logs to syslog, but if you want details then you need to enable this in the mover settings (which are under Settings->Scheduler).

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OK great thanks. I re-read the help info and 'Yes' option makes sense now.


Regarding the settings, I checked and I do have logging 'enabled' for mover, so I suppose it will show the actions when mover kicks in.


Thanks for your quick help!

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OK so I was reading the help portion again, and, being a newb, I think it's a little confusing the way it is written:


When creating a new share and presented with the 'use cache disk?' option, here's how I interpret the help messages:

1. No - makes sense. Don't bother using the cache disk at all, so don't touch it. All new files go straight to array.

2. Yes - makes sense. Use the cache disk as intended (copy new files into the cache temporarily, because they will then be moved from cache to array at a scheduled time, emptying out the cache).

3. Only - doesn't makes sense on first read. but makes sense after realizing that it will use the cache disk unlike a cache disk (by making the files reside here and only here permanently). ie, use the cache disk instead of the array.

4. Prefer - doesn't make sense on first read. but makes sense after considering option 3. Here it means prefer to use the cache disk instead of the array as long as space is available on the cache disk.



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