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Is this drive safe to still use?

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I got some read errors for this drive last night.

I ran extended smart today, and it seems to have no issues besides a value of 1 for UDMA CRC Error Count - which appeared about two months ago, I replaced the cable, and it hasn't risen since.


I've purchased a new WD Red 3tb drive to use as a replacement data drive, but I'm considering pre-clearing this 'failed' drive then deploying it as a second parity drive. Anyone have any reasons why I shouldn't do this?


I've attached the SMART report. It seems the log has been cleared since this morning, or else I'd post the errors from last night. In any case, they were "print_req_error: I/O error" read errors. 


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7 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

SMART looks fine, replace/swap cables/backplane to rule them out if it fails again.

Should I swap sata power cables as well?

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36 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

I would, to be sure to rule them out if the same happens again.

Good idea. I've ordered replacement cables for power and data. I'll replace them tomorrow when they arrive.


Now that I'm looking at the critical Amazon reviews of the data cables I'm currently using (Cable matters mini-sas to SATA cable), it appears other people are having issues with them as well. Turns out cheap cables are usually too good to be true. I ordered some higher-end Startech cables. I've usually had good luck with their products. 

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