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Urgent problem how to undelete a folder

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I inadvertently deleted a major folder with 2+ TB in it. How can I fix it?


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Probably best to take the disk offline and scan it with some recovery software to try and recreate the deleted folder.

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Short answer, you can't. Long answer, you may be able to get some things back with file system tools or recovery software.


How much time and money is this worth to you? Was it not backed up elsewhere?


Regardless of your answer, I advise you to immediately shut down the array, because every additional operation after the deletion could make it more difficult to recover if you decide to pursue that.

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I just rebuilt parity yesterday and was making some additions and deletions from the drive. I do have a back up but it wasn't updated in the past month or so. I remember in the DOS days you had a utility that would look into the directory structure  and if you put the right character in the first position it would reverse the deletion.


I did stop the array quickly. Is it possible to rebuild it or is parity immediately updated?

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Parity is updated immediately


You May be able to use a recovery Tools such as XFS Explorer on Windows to get back the files.

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This is what I have discovered about undeleting files. I discovered the home user version after I decided to restore my files from a backup.  I only had around 60 files that needed to be ripped again. I opted for this when I initially saw the price tag for the professional systems could be in $1000 range with the various modules and didn’t look further.


Here is some info on the home version called “Raise Data Recovery Software.”




Sysdev Laboratories  UFS Explorer (Big bucks)

For home users

Raise Data Recovery software (undelete)

All software is installed on a Windows machine.

General license Windows   NTFS, FAT/FAT32, exFAT      30 days 15 Euros 360 days 20 Euros

Lifetime license with free updates for the duration of term renew at 50%

Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, UFS and UFS2 file systems of Linux    30 days 13 Euros 360 days 18 Euros

XFS file system                  30 days 13 Euros 360 days 18 Euros


For all three of these packages assume about $65 for 1 year and renewal is at a 50% discount.

While I do have one btrfs file system on my cache drive the rest are XFS. It would have been worth it to buy this for $65. But there was still no 100% guarantee that it would be successful.


I hope this is helpful for the next person.

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