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Docker image size mapping error?

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Hey all :)

So this started with me thinking plex was hogging way too much space in my docker image file, and after a few comments, I realized I might have made a booboo somewhere. I haven't changed much in the last year in terms of docker configuration, so I am a bit baffled as how this just appeared, and hopefully someone will figure out what I did wrong. First images here are just my dockers, currently running a new preclear that won't be done until tomorrow so no log files as of yet.

Anything jumping out at anyone in the case of docker size and mappings? Atm I have the image at 40GB and using 36% of it and from what I see, the size the dockers are using ain't that big?


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From reading all the other posts around the forum, most people have done the mistake of missing a / or a small/large letter somewhere, but I can't for the life of me find that. I am currently only using sabnzbdvpn and delugevpn for download, so in theory, one of these should be the one filling my image, but I can't see where I'm misspelling anything. Ok, it's getting late and I'm tired, but am I wrong?

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If you add together all the container sizes you get around 13.3 GB. 36% of 40 GB is 14.4 GB. Is that a problem? I think you're imagining a problem that doesn't exist. Is the space used within docker.img actually increasing?

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