Device disabled - Help with SMART report wanted

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Hi everyone,

one HDD in my UnRaid Array (6.7.0) has been disabled. I see some very alarming numbers in the SMART report (which i have attached). When I noticed all that I tried to run self diagnostics bit I couldnt until after I rebooted (probably because the drive was locked?).

After the reboot, and after running a short SMART test, the unraid page of the drive says that SMART self test is completed without error and that "SMART overall-health:Passed".


It does not help that the problematic HDD is the only Seagate Barracuda Compute while all the others are WD reds, but still I have a feeling that maybe the cable just needed resitting, but I do not know if the SMART report corroborates that. what would your advice be?

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1 minute ago, Squid said:

Raw_Read_Error_Rate,Seek_Error_Rate, Hardware_ECC_Recovered  are not supposed to be zero on seagates, but rather they have meaning to Seagate themselves.  


Drive is fine.

Thanks a lot. How would I know if a value is bad? Is there maybe a tool where I can upload my SMART report that translates these values into something meaningfull?

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These are the ones which unRaid monitors which are generally considered to be important


Attribute = 5Reallocated sectors count


Attribute = 187Reported uncorrectable errors


Attribute = 188Command time-out


Attribute = 197Current pending sector count


Attribute = 198Uncorrectable sector count


Attribute = 199UDMA CRC error rate


And on Seagates, I'd add in 184 End-To-End Error


But, if any attribute ever gets to FAILING NOW status, then the drive is definitely shot

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