Nvidia no longer working on existing VM.

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Hey guys so i have been trying to get to my Windows VM to boot which was previously working fine. I have edited my bios according to the spaceinvader guide and it was working previously nothing has changed i can boot to the VM using VNC but whenever i pass through the GPU windows cycles 3 times and then i get the windows couldn't start screen.  

I can attest to the card working fine as my OSX VM boots it perfectly. So a hardware issue is not here


On a side note . I have just installed POP OS to play a little bit but i also can't get the card to work with it any recommendations for this ??


The logs really doesn't throw any error at all. 


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Try creating a new VM referencing the same hard drives to see if that resolves the issue. If not, remove the video card, boot, and remove the nvidia drivers. Then pass through the video card and install the video drivers with an advanced setup & clean install.

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Odd - I am experiencing the same issue. Updated from last stable 6.6 release to 6.7.1.


After creating new VM's for Ubuntu and ElementaryOS, neither will output to the GPU. Both boot fine, and I can use VNC to access if VNC is the only graphics option. If I add both VNC and GPU passthrough, VNC will display 'Guest has not initialized the display (yet)'. Tried Ubuntu with both SeaBIOS and OVMF.


However my macOS High Sierra and Fedora VM's created before updating still use the GPU as normal. Using an Nvidia 1050Ti without additional ROM Bios.

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