Q&A with Tom Mortensen: Founder/CEO of Lime Technology and creator of Unraid

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One of my biggest fears is my unRAID USB drive failing causing my entire system to go down. I'm wondering if there are any plans to allow for a secondary USB to be left in my unRAID machine and in the case of my boot drive failing, the secondary drive would become the primary with a notification in the gui of what happened.

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There are many plugings made by the community covering basic options that should be available out of the box in Unraid. Have you consider integrate\absorb them in a future?


How do you plan to finance Unraid in the future? How is working so far with the lifetime licenses?


Can you give a tentative roadmap of the product? Or at least a few hints of what you are working on

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It's been almost 15 years since unraid came out. What has been the must surprising change to you in unraid? Where do you see unraid and storage technology in the next 5, 10, 15 years?


I also can't believe I've been using it since 2008!

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On 6/17/2019 at 9:49 PM, ItsMeMark said:

Can you promote SpaceInvaderOne? He's the only reason I use Unraid.

+1 There!! (PS you (we) can also promote SI1 by supporting his Patreon).   This has enabled me to go much further with UnRaid than I could otherwise go.   I do think that somehow integrating the resources available thru some of the more active Community Members more directly from the Limetech website (and perhaps a "New User" tab in the UnRaid GUI that points to these) would also help the popularity of UnRaid (Squid's App store and SpaceInvaderOne's videos being the most obvious of course).    


Perhaps then my question is to ask if you'd be willing to consider offering some resources in this direction for the new users?   Offloading the high contributor Community Members from the more basic of noob questions I'm sure would be welcome relief, & a Self Help reference can enhance the first impression for new users, and perhaps elevate the general content of the forums over time.  SI1 is gradually becoming your Wiki !

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On 6/28/2019 at 1:28 AM, Ashe said:

Will an Arm version of unraid be released? With the increased power of the raspberry pi 4 this would be a perfect small fileserver with dockers

+1  - ARM based UnRaid (docker hypervisor and NAS features, sans VM's of course) would be grand!   Or a pre-curated set of features for an ARM version - NAS/Media center with some household PC backup features built in perhaps.  I can see people paying for a one click solution there !   Have a new RPi4 4GB in my hands - will be your first beta tester!

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Hey Tom,


I have more of a personal/career question to throw in. I have worked in IT my whole life and primarily fall into the technical support / system administrative category. I have limited Unix experience but I'm comfortable navigating my way around now and I have a high interest in hardware and storage at the firmware level.


What advice would you give to further my knowledge and experience in these areas and have you found there is much industry demand for these types of skills? Side question, you have an interesting background and I would love to one day shake the imposter syndrome, do you ever still feel this way? I mean, you've practically built an Operating System 🙂





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I really do love the simplicity of Unraid for my home server uses.


My question and request is probably far from what has been posted here.

But i run an ESX Server in the Data Centre for my critical cloud apps.

I have been unsucessful trying to get Unraid working on ESX using a USB thumbdrive booting in an VM.


Are there any plans to release a cutdown Unraid Version for VM. I am happy to pay a license for it.

I simply want a stripped down version of Unraid for Docker and VM Management.


Every other Linux OS has a weird and frankly annoying way to manage Dockers, i really love Unraid's approach to this.

In my research of trying to get this working there was a fair amount of interest in a VM version of Unraid.


I would love to Beta test Unraid in a VM if you're ever looking for someone to do that.

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