SMB Share extreemly Slow to Windows 10

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I am having an issue over the last month or three.   On my windows 10 machine and getting files from my server, can take a while.  When I click on a folder it can take upwards of a minute for the folder to load, if not longer.   Or if I try and play a movie file from the server onto VLC (not plex or transcoding) it can THROTTLE my server.    I look at dashboard and I see my processor going into overdrive, pegged at 100%.    


I can't see anything really running on the computer.  I have 24 gigs of ram.  I did notice if nzbget is running and uncompressing a file that KILLS the server also.  But when I shut that down, it speeds up.  Recently, nzbget is NOT running.  Just seems like if I am hitting the array for anything, it just crawls.   


I attached diagnostic file if that helps any.   

I am running 6.7.0    

Everything is updated

Only docker I am runinng is plex, nzbget, plex (and plex not transcoding usually as I am only user of the box), radar, sonar.

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3 hours ago, said:

Same users have been complaining of high CPU usage lately and most (if not all) appear to be using encryption, I wonder if it's related, you could use an unencrypted unassigned device and see if there's any difference.

Ahhh... was considering going encrypted array until I see your post...

3 hours ago, bphillips330 said:

My array is encrypted.   I guess I can test that.    If that is the issue, hope they come up with a fix quick. 


I don't think there is anything to fix. Encryption requires CPU power to encrypt and decrypt so if it hits the roof, it hits the roof. Similar to how some may not realise how taxing it is to run dual parity.




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