Troubleshooting 6.6.7 "kernel panic out of memory and no killable processes"


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Any tips on how to troubleshoot this error? I can't access the log and/or machine at all, since the log is only in memory there's no way I can actually see the process causing the crash.


Any tips for this? It's been happening with more and more frequency 

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Give us a description of your current setup-- CPU, RAM, Plugins installed, VM's and Dockers.


There have been several folks who have had similar problems.  Sometimes the problem is that one of more of the dockers or plugins are storing files on the RAM disk that Unraid uses for the installation of its OS.  All of these file paths should point to    /mnt/user/    or    /mnt/cache/    If any do not, it is probably using the RAM disk... 

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No VM's and Dockers. 


Running an ECS A88GM-A2 motherboard, AMD Sempron 145 @ 2.8 GHz


8 GB Memory (4 x 2GB)


Plugins are:


CA Auto Update Applications

CA Backup / Restore Appdata

Community Applications

Dynamix Active Streams

Dynamix Cache Directories

Dynamix S3 Sleep

Dynamix System Information

Dynamix System Statistics

Fix Common Problems

Nerd Tools

Network Statistics

Preclear Disks

User Scripts


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What nerd tools are you running?  I seem to recall that there are a couple of the included tools are not compatible with later releases.  You have a pretty 'Plain Jane' setup. 


One thing to do is to run a memtst (Boot menu option) for twenty-four hours. 


By the way, the latest release does have a new troubleshooting tool which will capture your syslog to your flash drive in real time.  Ideal for these types of problems! 

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