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(SOLVED) Upgraded a Hard drive and got a red X from another drive.

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Hi Everyone, I replaced a Hard drive, No. 13 that was failing, Thanks to johnnie.black for the help, Array was reported as healthy after rebuild.

So I replaced an old 2Tb drive with a new 4Tb drive for disk 11.


Now I have Disk 13 with a Red X.


What should I do now?

Stop the Disk 11 rebuild, is 2hrs and 4 to go until finished.


I have attached Diags. Much appreciated.



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Posted (edited)

Disk13 is failing, since you have dual parity you can still finish the current rebuild successfully, as long as another disk doesn't fail, but it can take much longer because of the failing disk (edit: it won't take longer since the disk is disabled) , I would say let it finish if it's progressing at a reasonable speed, cancel if it starts crawling and the ETA is many days.

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Thanks johnnie.black, will keep an eye on it,

I have the original disk 11, was changed just to upgrade size and age of the drive.


Glad I went dual parity.


Much appreciated

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All was good, Got the failing disk replaced and rebuilt,

UnRaid is AWESOME.


Appreciate the help johnnie.black

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If you don't have drive cages which allow you change disks without remove connectors, you might want to check that 'failed' disk again.  (Perhaps, using the manufacturer's disk diagnostic program.)   Several times folks have loosened a SATA connector on another drive when swapping disks in-and-out.  (I consider the SATA connector to be the poster child on NOT to design a connector!) 

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Thanks for the tip Frank, Connectors are direct off the 9207-8i so I do not suspect the connector.


Agree, SATA and HDMI are in the same boat for bad design.

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