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RandomTelnet Connection

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I am unsure if I should be concerned about this. I did not disable telnet upon installing this server and I have found in this entry in syslog, (while trying to diagnose another problem), for a telnet connection. The connection has come from a month old laptop. I have gone and disabled telnet on this service, however nothing in the log really tells me if anything was done. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Jun 26 18:40:30 LakeHouse01 kernel: nf_conntrack: default automatic helper assignment has been turned off for security reasons and CT-based  firewall rule not found. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead.
Jun 26 18:41:06 LakeHouse01 in.telnetd[26898]: connect from (
Jun 26 18:41:43 LakeHouse01 in.telnetd[27788]: connect from (



More concerned that some asus preinstalled crapware may have a man in the middle problem.

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You can try to telnet to your server and see if it goes through. If it doesn't then it's off.

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Yes it was left on from initial install of the server. Went ahead and turned it back on to see what the logs look like when you start up telnet to unraid. It looks like this log entry is just opening up the session, not logging into the server itself. I have re-disabled it, thanks for the help.

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