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[4Sale][IE/UK] 8 Core MB/CPU/RAM Combo

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Hi Folks


I'm hankering after an upgrade to a ThreadRipper system to afford me more cores for VMs. I'd therefore like to find a good home for my existing system comprising;






This system has been rock solid with unRaid for several years, running the de riegueur NAS but also hosting whole-house audio, PVR and automation systems via a slew of Dockers and multiple simultaneous VMs. Indeed, one VM is my daily use OSX/Win10 workstation with not too shabby performance.


Did I mention this has been an astoundingly reliable system?


Anyway, hoping to sell on to someone seeking to get started with unRaid VMs etc. GPU/USB passthrough works flawlessly 

These components originally cost £480 / €535. I'd hope to sell for £200 / €220 but am open to offers & negotiation (or partial swaps for DDR4 3600+(OC)/3200(OC)/2933(OC)/2667/2400/2133 ECC or non-ECC, un-buffered memory(U-DIMM))


Postage would be additional at cost, but allow ~£20-£30 for insured courier. I'd like to sell this within Ireland or UK for convenience, but really will ship anywhere if buyer is willing to cover costs. Will be well packaged! The only Gotcha is, I haven't built the new system yet so it may take me 1-2 weeks or so to actually get around to disassembling & shipping this!


Any interest appreciated in this ready-to-go system. Just add power & storage!


Thanks for looking.

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Here it is running an OSX VM (4x cores, 16GB RAM), a Win 8 VM (2 cores, 8GB RAM) a bunch of dockers and a parity check, all without breaking a sweat.



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Hi. Yes, am in Ireland.


ive been thinking about repurposing this into my backup server so do let me know if wanted soon enough before I start that project! 


Ive also listed this on adverts and have a bunch of actual system photos there.

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Last call before I part this out on fleabay. Open to reasonable offers.

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23 hours ago, jcreynoldsii said:

I'm interested in the ram if you part it out

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Ah, I’ve actually transplanted it into a backup server, where all my smaller hard drives go to retire! No longer for sale.

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