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Physical KVM requiring constant hotplug, any fix?

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Hi all,


Finally got unRAID running well as well as my WIN10 VM. However, I've encountered an inconvenience.

I have a physical 4-port KVM to switch a keyboard+mouse and a monitor between multiple machines. My WIN10 machine will automagically pickup the keyboard and mouse on boot. When I press the switch to another machine, the k+m come unplugged, then when I switch back, my k+m should be plugged back to the WIN10 VM. However, the VM doesn't see them anymore. I installed dlandon's Libvirt Hotplug USB plugin and if I log in through my laptop, I can hotplug the keyboard and mouse to the WIN10 vm. This is massively annoying and basically invalidates the whole point of having a physical KVM.


Is there a way to assign these devices more persistently to the WIN10 vm? Or to automate the hotplugging every time they're unplugged and plugged back in?


Any help is massively appreciated.

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passthrough a usb card/port for the vm and done.

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Thanks! So I went through SpaceInvaderOne's guide for the passthrough but it turns out that all of my USB ports are on the same hub/iommu group from my motherboard and of course I don't want to passthrough the unRaid flash. Is it possible to pass through a single USB port instead of an entire controller?

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You only can passthrough a USB controller not a specific port. These days almost all mainboards have at least 2 or 3 separat USB controllers. Mostly you will see a USB3.0 and an extra USB3.1 controller. Try to enable the ACS Override Patch in the VM Manager settings and check if your IOMMU groups are split even further and see if you get a controller in it's own group. If this doesn't help you have to get an extra PCIe USB controller card.

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