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Unraid and Ryzen 3000

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Anybody got the new Ryzen chips yet? Specifically 3900x. I was reading somewhere on reddit that gpu passthrough doesn’t work on latest mobo bios necessary to run 3000 chips on x370/X470 motherboards (not specific to any mobo vendor). Wondered if anybody ran into this issue. I had to cancel my order because I am rather wait till they fix it. I still like my 1700x.

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Wish I’d read this earlier lol, just spent 3 hours trying to figure it out before rolling the bios back. Was hoping to swap my 2700x out so pre updated my bios and boom gpu device stuck in d3, if you force quit the vm and restart you’ll get the pci 127 header issue.


for info I’m using ASU’s x370-f, 2700x and 1080ti


Hoping to get 3950x either straight swap or mobo upgrade, spose Ive got 2 months to wait anyway, hopefully the kinks will be worked out by then!


Like buying the first flying car, not being the first isn’t always a bad idea



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I'm running an Asus Prime x570 with a 2600 and GPU passthrough no longer works. Was fine on the B350 it replaced.

Obviously I can't roll back my bios so it's a waiting game name.

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