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Flash drive blacklisting

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Morning Guys, well it's morning here anyway :)


I've been using my server on version 5.0.6 as a vanilla NAS for quite a while now and decided recently to make the move to the new GUI.


I've refurbished an old chassis and moved all the drives over fine, built a new Flash Drive with the latest version of Unraid, on booting though I'm getting the "registration failed" for the Plus key I purchased some years ago.


My intention was to keep my original flash with 5.0.6 on it just in case I had any issues migrating over and get used to the new environment. My question essentially is, will this old flash continue to work as a backup, or will my saved backup on my main PC suffice if I need to go back to the old version if I request a new key for the new drive?


I have read some threads on the subject and understand the reasons behind the blacklisting, but none really answer the above question.


Keep up the good work guys.



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I am reasonably certain that the old flash drive will continue to work, but if you transfer the license to a new USB drive it will no longer be possible to update the old one to a newer release.   Is there any reason you could not simply copy the contents of the old USB drive to a backup location and then install v6 on it keeping the current key file?   You could still revert to v5 by copying back the v5 files.


You would only be able to go  back to v5 if you do not make use of any features in v6  that are incompatible with v5.   In practice I think that you would very rapidly make use of features that would make reverting to v5 impractical.  Also in the event of a USB drive failing it is now easy to transfer the license to a new drive.  An automated transfer is allowed once a year, and Limetech need contacting if you need a licence transfer before that for any reason.  Just make sure you keep a copy of the licence file somewhere safe.

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Cheers Imtimpi, yeah I did think that was prob the way forward as I have several backups of my original 5.0.6 FD so could respawn from that if need be. Will request a new key for new drive and start checking out the new features :) Cheers again for the reply.

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