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Array won't start with services

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When I start my unraid server 6.7.2 the Array freezes when it tries to start services.  I have tried everything I could thing of before reaching out to the community.  It looked like some people used XFS_Repair, but I do not think that is the issue here.  Can anyone help take a look at the log and spot the issue?




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Your flash is having problems. Put it in your PC and let it checkdisk. While there make sure to get a backup of it, especially the config folder. Then try again. Best to boot from a USB2 port.

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Thank you, I did that and got it to work for awhile, but nothing stable.  The array doesn't start anymore and I am not able to download the diagnostic file.  So I have now replaced the USB drive with a brand new one and still having similar issues.  Is there a way to start with a fresh install, but keep the same settings, but start over with the apps and dockers?


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That last diagnostic file is when it is in safe mode and the array is not started.  When I have been able to start the array I can't download the diagnostic file.  I also took the USB drive out, did a chkdsk and found 2 files to recover.  The only other information I can think of I am Ryzen 3, but its been stable for 9 months or so.


Thank you again!

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